Vetusta Morla return with “La Deriva” album and tour to Germany in November and December 2015.

Vetusta Morla, leading Spanish independent rock band, return with “La Deriva” album and tour to Germany in November and December 2015.

Special German edition of album with two exclusive bonus tracks will be released November 20, 2105.

In autumn 2014 Vetusta Morla came to Germany for the very first time to play three shows in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. At that time they came as one of Spain's leading alternative and truly independent rock bands, backed by the continuing success of their then recently released album “La Deriva” and the power, intensity and audience enthusiasm of their live shows.

Now, almost a year on, VM have become a true phenomenon, selling out the largest halls and playing the biggest festivals in their home country, but also in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, UK and the USA. They return to Germany as one of Spain's most popular rock bands and give fans and music lovers the rare opportunity to see them in small clubs. The kind of places they have outgrown in the Spanish speaking world.

Vetusta Morla have released three regular studio albums so far:

  • Un Día en el Mundo (A Day in the World, 2008, Platinum record in Spain)
  • Mapas (Maps, 2011, Golden Record in Spain)
  • La Deriva (The Drift, 2014, Gold Record in Spain)

All came out on their own label, Pequeño Salto Mortal, which they founded as an alternative to the usual paths of the record industry, that seemed to have no room for them when they first appeared on the music scene.

Their latest album, La Deriva, more than any of its predecessors, is a result of its circumstances, hero and victim of its process and its context.

The band wrote the album during a very short period of time while being surrounded by a heap of emotional, social and political factors that in the past few years almost everybody has named 'crisis'. It is one of those words, so misused and worn down, that it has lost its meaning. It was important to find a replacement, necessary to be able to move forward, to describe more accurately a certain personal or collective reality. Vetusta Morla have found that alternative term to 'crisis' in the 'drift' (La Deriva).

In response to the urgent nature of the album, the band developed a raw and direct sound, not taking pleasure in harmonic reveries but giving the leadership to the rhythm section and lowering the number of musical elements that come into play. It is a challenge for certain sonic roughness, seeking edges instead of softness.

As for lyrics, this record tries to meet the demand of relevance with a more direct language. They don't renounce the elliptical images characteristic of the band, as well as their intentioned and suggestive vagueness that leaves space to the listener's interpretation; but they reduce metaphorical and poetic strength, giving more importance to criticism, irony and humor.

The band got involved in the 15-M movement (Bewegung 15. Mai, (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proteste_in_Spanien_2011/2012) , a political movement unaffiliated to any party. It was originated by a popular initiative calling for a regeneration of politics in Spain, to be more focused on citizens' real necessities, fairer and transparent, less crooked and more participative and open to everybody. The movement got diluted in its own lack of institutional ambitions, but created a positive climate of awareness, debate and reflection, unseen to that date. Eventually it also led to the foundation of the political party “Podemos.”

In that climate La Deriva was written, specifically tracks like its first single, Golpe Maestro (The Masterstroke), dealing with ruler's corruption, the consequent general disappointment and the need to revert that situation, taking back the political public space for citizens.

That's how Vetusta Morla have found a way to include political and social issues in their universe: from a emotional perspective, as part of a more global concept ('the drift' in this case) that covers other sentimental and personal matters and understanding that musicians are not social analysts, neither politicians but they are citizens that live their certain reality. Songs must not be slogans, and maybe can't change the world, but, like the 15-M movement, can create a particular atmosphere, in this case, given to reflection, hope or positive anger.

To coincide with their second, first proper tour of Germany the band will release a special German version of La Deriva that includes two previously unreleased tracks: Puntos Suspensivos (Three Dots or” Ellipsis”) and Profetas de la Mañana (Morning Prophets). But they are not the typical bonus material for a typical special edition. These two songs really complete the album, as they were written specifically to close the record, so they appeared at the very end of the process, and intentionally play the role of an ending, an epilogue, a 'to be continued' or a farewell to everything said before. For various reasons they were not recorded before, but now appear to accomplish their mission: to serve as a conclusion for La Deriva and as a first look into what's coming next.

Existing and new fans will have the opportunity to be the first to experience the fantastic live show and album that “La Deriva” is together with its musical conclusion and a glimpse into an exciting future ahead. Vetusta Morla may be well be the first Spanish band since Heroes del Silencio to break through in Germany.

The album will be accompanied by two singles and videos “Fuego” and “Golpe Maestro.”

Vetusta Morla – La Deriva Tour 2015 (presented by GMO – The Label)


  • 28, Saturday - Lido, Berlin
  • 29, Sunday - Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg


  • 1, Tuesday - Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum
  • 2, Wednesday - Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Cologne
  • 3, Thursday - Nachtleben, Frankfurt

Tickets for all shows: http://bit.ly/VetustaMorlaGermanyTickets

The album “La Deriva (German Edition)” will be out on GMO – The Label as “GMO 060” on November 6 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It will be distributed by Rough Trade Distribution (CD) and Zebralution (digital).

More info: 

Vetusta Morla: http://www.vetustamorla.com/pages/home 

GMO The Label, Eupener Str. 159 / Eingang 2, 5093 Köln, Tel. 0221 – 9904810 

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