Batucada Sound Machine release "Can't Give You (What You're Asking For)"

Can't Give You (What You're Asking For) is the first teaser from B2KDA`s - Batucada Sound Machine's album due out later this year.

A slight departure from their previous work, Can' Give You (What You're Asking For) is firmly set in the here and now with an urgency reflecting the times. Written by MC Paaka Davis and drummer Jono Sawyer, the song speaks about the unpredictability of relationships, whether between lovers, peers or authority.

Being a New Zealand based band with one of our lead singers living in Berlin made the recording process a multinational affair. The tracks we're recorded in Auckland, NZ and in Berlin, mixed in Queenstown, NZ and mastered in Berlin.

The band will be back in July 2014 in support of their new album which will hit Europe in Autumn.

"Can' Give You (What You're Asking For)" is available now at all good download stores near you. The song and the upcoming album are released on GMO - The Label.

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